Greece During the Financial Crisis

I’m writing this post from the beautiful Hotel Europa on a mountainside overlooking the village of Ancient Olympia, Greece. I’m here studying abroad for the summer with Harvard Summer School’s Comparative Cultures in Greece seminar program, and so far it’s been incredible. The classes are interesting, the people with me are wonderful, and the country … More Greece During the Financial Crisis

Dubai & Abu Dhabi

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was able to snag a mistake fare to Dubai and Abu Dhabi for just over $200 round trip. This actually happened on Christmas Day; Etihad Airways had a huge glitch in their system, and there were fares to the Middle East and many other locations across the … More Dubai & Abu Dhabi


In the past few months I’ve traveled to Bangkok for spring break, finished my sophomore year at Harvard (marking the halfway point of my undergraduate career… where did the time go?!), and caught an airline mistake fare that got me a week in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for $200 round trip flights. It’s been quite … More Bangkok

Sophomore Year

Two weeks ago I moved from my home on Long Island back up to Cambridge for my sophomore year at Harvard. Understandably, these past few weeks have been pretty hectic. Here we do something called shopping week, which basically means we have a week to sit in on classes and decide which ones we like … More Sophomore Year


As it’s been over two weeks since I came home, this post is a little bit late—however, since during those two weeks I packed for school, moved into school, shopped for classes, and officially made my schedule, I think I can be pardoned. Regardless, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts about … More Tokyo


(This is posted a day late, but everything still holds true. Except for the delay part—it actually turned into 5 hours.) I think I’ve officially adopted the habit of writing blog posts from airports… anyway, eleven days have flown by far too quickly and now I’m waiting for my two-and-a-half hour delayed flight in Beijing … More HSYLC

Costa Rica

My recent trip to Costa Rica was the first of my three summer adventures planned, and it started way back in October. A lot of people ask how I came upon it—it really isn’t much of a story. I knew I wanted to volunteer abroad this summer, so I started googling different opportunities and realized … More Costa Rica

The Mediterranean

(I was going to call this just Europe, but then I figured Africa would get mad…)

A multi-country Eurotrip at some point during undergrad years is practically a rite of passage by now. Fresh out of my last final this summer, I mixed it up a little, trading the typical train pass for a boat and 55-liter backpack for a carry-on suitcase. I spent 7 days on a cruise packed full of incredible Mediterranean ports, with a couple of days before and after spent exploring Spain’s gems, Barcelona and Madrid. It’s always been a dream of mine to cruise the Mediterranean, but I never thought I’d get to do it so soon—or that I would be sailing on Pullmantur, an entirely Spanish-speaking cruise line, without knowing any Spanish at all. … More The Mediterranean