The Left-Side Pocket

I slide open the zipper on the left-side pocket of my camera bag to reveal a cluster of small cards and folded papers, receipts and tickets, miscellaneous scraps. The stub of a boarding pass, my destination still visible. “Thira to Milan.” A supermarket receipt, primarily in Greek, the only visible English “swiss rolls” and “3.36 … More The Left-Side Pocket

Sophomore Year

Two weeks ago I moved from my home on Long Island back up to Cambridge for my sophomore year at Harvard. Understandably, these past few weeks have been pretty hectic. Here we do something called shopping week, which basically means we have a week to sit in on classes and decide which ones we like … More Sophomore Year


So this is long overdue. I’ve been asked many times why, as someone who loves to write so much, I’ve never kept a blog or a journal or some kind of written record of miscellaneous thoughts and goings-on in my life. I promise it’s not for lack of trying; I’ve got a handful of unfinished … More Hi.